TENCO CLASSES for Jan & Feb.

OAK PARK GOLF CLUB: Tuesday 7th JAN / 25TH FEB Tenco Movement class 6-7p. Pack Price £78 or £17 drop in. (Use 6 classes over 8 week period as for all Tenco packs).

NUFFIELD READING: Thursday 2nd JAN / 20th FEB UK YOGA SPORTS class 8-9.15p. Pack Price £85 or £20 drop in.

OAK PARK GOLF CLUB: FRIDAY 3rd JAN / 21st FEB Shoulder School class 7.40-8.40p. Pack Price £78 or £17 drop in.

OAK PARK GOLF CLUB: SATURDAY 11-12.15p – 4th Jan. 55 posture class. Keep posted on Facebook as classes do not happen weekly. Subscribe free to Tenco Movement to get email updates.

ALL classes above are designed for entry level beginner up. There is no standard you think you have to achieve to be in a Tenco class. You get coached at where you are and what movement, physical goals you may or may not have.

Message me or use the contact page. Subscribe free to Tenco by adding your email address. I will get better at emailing you to keep you up to date with classes, workshops , yoga sports, Nutrition and movement tips.

Stay strong, keep flexible and share, share, share this love.

See you in class