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About me

You feel euphoric & completely cleansed from bones to skin. A different type of physicality moving through an open eye meditation injected with a mental state of clarity and wellness after 90 minutes of Hot Bikram Yoga.

Thats what mind body connection I got from this discipline of movement.

A baseline built on a system for physical training and mental readiness to move with purpose injury free which, I thank Bikram Yoga for the evolvement of my journey and teachings to students around the world.

This word called practice.

Taking a set of movements or actions that inspire and motivate you.

Requiring the communication of all the motors, muscles, joints, spine and concentration.

You really suck at it to start with, falling flat on your face, learning to fall, learning to get up again and practising to get better.

Just like life. To improve yourself. To believe you can.

Practising hours in exchange for second by second improvement. Thats what this practice game is all about.I have learned more about myself and other people using this as a process than I ever did at school, college or at university let alone the other 2 careers I’ve had.

Learning and understanding how to connect muscle recruitment has been by far my hardest and continues to be my most humbling lesson as I have moved away from years of lifting and isolating body parts using free weights.

Forget about how old you are and what you think you can or can’t do.

Age is just a number. You are as old as your spine. 


Standing bow on a beautiful beach playing yoga in America in New England

Strong like a beef jerky or flexible like a noodle.

Usually humans have one or the other.

To have both elements is incredible and it is totally possible to increase muscle potential to develop flexibility while decreasing muscle resistance.

All this is not possible without the fuel our system needs that provides the stimulus and elasticity for growth and the ability to move.

The No.1 relationship you have with yourself is the food you eat.

Your gut is your second brain. What you nourish it with will determine everything in your life. How effectively you heal from injury, the amount of juice it can give to your central nervous system to fire up your movement to it’s greatest potential, how quick your recovery is to what flaws or strengths you have as a human being.

This now isn’t a case of hey bro how much can you lift, its more like can you bend, can you balance, can you invert?

Lets go back 5,000 years and start all over.

The 5 key principles of the Tenco movement culture 

The master has failed more times than the beginner has ever tried
Scan your body. Identity where your active, identify where you feel passive
Practice on the edge of discomfort
1 rep is better than zero
Use gravity and leverage where you can
Unleash hell
Breathe before action
Suck your stomach in, hold it in, tighten it up
Nothing loose, nothing hanging
Lose the control, lose the meditation
Create that Bhanda. That lock.
Work your weakest link
Smooth the exhales out
Vibrate your throat
If you decide not to act today, what is tomorrow going to be like?