Hips don’t lie! – Seriously they don’t.

Building a body aesthetically for show and sculpting a body to move with purpose are two completely different things.

There’s little point of spending thousands of hours of graft, sweat and tears building a body when you dont know how to use or nourish it.

And as crazy as this sounds, we were designed to move. That’s why we have joints. 

Great posture to put your leg over your head

Movement today 

Stiff ankles, weak knees, tight hamstrings, hips that lie to you, traumatic lower back, rounded shoulders are all part of the 21st century deal.

Sitting at a desk, working longer hours than ever before, raising kids, looking down at smart phones, are all reasons for spinal imbalances, mind body pain and high body fat composition. 

The mind is weak but the body is strong.

The mind whispers and tells you no, the body yells Yes!

Closing point – Kick the mind out of the body

Re-learning to move like we did 5,000 years ago

Widen your universe, practice good general movement. Live well

Decompress with form and functionality.

Play, Technique and muscle memory is everything.

What kind of patterns you have.

Start to think in a more general sense, study some disciplines, switch it up, dont get numb, keep developing your mind. Dont paralyse yourself with one train of thought. Take up breaking dancing, yoga, gymnastics, play around and do whatever you can.

What ever your past, however you got this point, the reasons why, this is your call for action.

Trust the process and start moving today.

Tomorrow you will be somewhere different.

No matter your sport, quality of movement matters. 

Hear what other Tenco Movement students have to say

Seeing James move, with his own physicality, vitality, and confidence, is an inspiration. Hearing him speak as a mentor and coach is like having a life coach whose words are distilled down to speak to just you, without that hype or insincerity you hear about in trainers just chasing the buck. His program changed my life – at 47 my wife says I look better than when she met me at 23.
Christoph A Sahar, M.D
After trying every diet & every exercise fad out there I finally found success with James and Tenco Movement. He didn’t just tell me what exercises to do; he showed me how to exercise on our many trips to my gym. Also, he didn’t just tell me what to eat and not to eat but actually went to the grocery store with me and explained how I should shop and eat. I received a personalized, easy to follow meal plan based on my goals and an exercise plan tailored to my needs and abilities. From beginning to end I received the information and motivation I needed to look and feel great.
Mike Dwyer
As a fitness professional I have always been looking for new ways to challenge my body but after a prolonged time lifting heavy weights I was left feeling sore and uncomfortable with postural issues. I needed a new focus with my training that would also correct the imbalances and muscle tightness that I had developed. That’s when I found James Tenconi and TencoMovement. I love the way this training makes me feel strong, motivated and so much more flexible. I constantly see improvements in my strength, flexibility and posture as well as my body composition. Exercises that I never thought I could do are now possible thanks to James. I have applied TencoMovement to my own training and with my own clients and feel I have learned so much already only after a few months training with him.
Rachel Willis
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