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To add to the stretch I could lock the right arm first before grabbing with both. Change for the other side and build the intensity over several repetitions. This movement teaches the shoulder to open [...]

INSANE Salabhasana!

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That's how you roll a Full bow! Just kick your legs and straighten your arms. Video taken from Progressive Hatha Training based in Thailand 2019.


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Developing my upper back flexibility and hip movement with this technique to get foot to floor with ankle grab.


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Backbends are an essential part of your Yoga practice. This standing backbend is a incredible chest opening drill to understand how to lift your chest that over time will relieve stress and tension from the [...]

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Amy Carroll

Amy Carroll

Amy Carroll is a Bikram Yoga Teacher and Precision Nutrition Coach. 

She is a yoga athlete with disciplines ranging from therapeutic aerial yoga to body weight strength training to yoga demonstrations in the USA Yoga Championships. She was Rhode Island State Champion in 2011 and competed at Nationals in 2012, 2013, and 2016.

She currently lives in Austin, Texas where she practices and teaches full time.

Allyson Meacham

Allyson Meacham

Allyson Meacham is a certified yoga teacher and musician with a life-long passion for health, movement, and the arts as tools for growth and evolution.  

Originally from Kentucky, she was based in Los Angeles and traveled for several years before moving to Providence, RI.  Her most transformative yoga teaching experience to date has been working with incarcerated youth in Central Juvenile Hall in Los Angeles, through the non-profit Uprising Yoga.

Melissa Beth Rodenhiser

Melissa Beth Rodenhiser

Melissa Beth Rodenhiser is a certified Bikram Yoga Teacher. 

She began her journey in movement as a young child studying ballet and loved the expression of difficult emotion through the strength and flexibility of the body. She is a yoga competitor for local regional competitions and loves to spend time moving outdoors, training in the Bikram Yoga Hot Room, or working through a home movement practice which combines dance and yoga.